In this blog you will find a lot of information on how we implement code for our shop in the best way. But in some cases we also buy commercial standard software, for instance for components which give us a faster time to market or which cannot be implemented by us in a better or more cost effective way.

Another reason to buy software is data exchange with external systems using standard interfaces when there are products on the market which have already implemented those interfaces.

Additionally, we want to improve experience in using software as a service (SAAS).

In the past months some of my team members and me had several workshops with different vendors to find commercial software components for some parts of our ecommerce platform. Independently from concrete products and vendors, we made some good and some not so good experiences in presentations held by vendors to help us find what we need. And that is what we want to share in this article.

So, read this carefully if you are a software vendor 😉