#QConf2016 – SoftwareQualität – immer Thema für uns Quality Specialists – auch konzernweit

Quality Specialists auf der QConf2016

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Sind wir wirklich nur Testmanagerinnen?

Von Natalie Volk, Finn Lorbeer, Diana Kruse, und Torsten Mangner Bei gibt es in jedem Cross-Functional-Team mindestens eine Testerin / Testmanagerin / QA / QSlerin… wie auch immer man die Rolle der Person bezeichnet, die Bewusstsein für Qualität schaffen soll.

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Why Microservices?

A Completely Biased Summary of the Assets of Microservice Architectures by @GuidoSteinacker When we started ‚Lhotse‘, the project to replace the old, monolithic e-commerce platform of a few years ago, we chose self-contained systems (SCS) to implement the new shop: Instead of developing a single

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Successful Mountaineering – Reaching the Summit of LHOTSE with Agile Software Development

LHOTSE is the internal code name for our project to re-develop in-house, based on open source software and using agile methodologies such as Scrum and XP. LHOTSE went live on 24th October 2013 – three months before schedule. Although

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