With Clojure we get a whole lot of stuff done. Seriously.

Admittedly, I was mildly shocked and a bit scared when stumbling over @ZackMaril’s recent tweet claiming Clojure was a dying language. A huge discussion was sparked and a lot has been written since. A summary can be found in Arne

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Microservices: CI with LambdaCD – Microservices and continuous integration with LambdaCD (2/3)

Abstract In the last two months, we started our journey towards a new microservices architecture. Among other things, we found that our existing CD tools were not ready to scale with new requirements. So we tried a new approach, defining

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A tale of two lambdas: The joys of working in a polyglot team.

technologies in our lambda architecture

A little more than a year ago, things at work were completely different for me than they are now. I was a Java programmer working on a big, monolithic piece of software. There was also some JavaScript for frontend and

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We released the basis for our clojure microservices

Nikola Tesla

Recently we released tesla-microservice to github. It is a software written in clojure and it is the basis of some of the microservices we are working on as part of the technical platform of We named our software after

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The adventure continues. Day two of EuroClojure 2014.

upfront vs real world architecture

This is part two of my roundup of  EuroClojure 2014. If you missed the first part, find it here. Day two started with the keynote by David Nolen about Invention, Innovation & ClojureScript. After some interesting discussion on the difference

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My Kraków adventure. Day one of EuroClojure 2014.

multi-armed-bandit optimisation strategies

Last week I attended the EuroClojure conference 2014. It was a truly fantastic conference in the beautiful city of Kraków. While the big conferences in the US attract thousands of participants, this one was rather cosy with some 300 participants. As

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