Having successfully reimplemented our e-commerce website www.otto.de in a highly decentralised, agile project approach, we currently face the challenge of establishing an agile mindset outside the cosy cheese dome of a well-protected and well-specified project. During this project we felt like living on a separate planet. Business and technology work entwined, scope was managed by ourselves, we had the liberty to change and adapt our processes and methodologies, introduced an agile management framework, implemented Scrum, built autonomous and cross-functional product development teams and closed feed-back loops with continuous integration and delivery. Or putting it a different way: we learned how to change into a learning matrix organisation. This process was thrilling, demanding to all of us and we are proud of having mastered this challenge. After leaving our project “Lhotse” behind and literally lifting our project cheese dome, we are now facing an urge to change management culture and improve our capability in inter-organisational collaboration.