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Scaling with Microservices and Vertical Decomposition

The architecture of is based on the concept of vertical decomposition: the whole system is vertically split into several loosely coupled applications. Every „vertical“ is responsible for a single business domain such as „Order“, „Search & Navigation“, „Product“, etc. It

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The adventure continues. Day two of EuroClojure 2014.

upfront vs real world architecture

This is part two of my roundup of  EuroClojure 2014. If you missed the first part, find it here. Day two started with the keynote by David Nolen about Invention, Innovation & ClojureScript. After some interesting discussion on the difference

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#bonded2014 – the first OTTO tech conference

„To code or not be“ – Johannes Mainusch „Projects only become successful the moment you commit yourself“ – Ali Jelveh „The value of a Software Architect is inversible proportional to the number of decisions he makes“ – Erik Dörnenburg Those are some,

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My Kraków adventure. Day one of EuroClojure 2014.

multi-armed-bandit optimisation strategies

Last week I attended the EuroClojure conference 2014. It was a truly fantastic conference in the beautiful city of Kraków. While the big conferences in the US attract thousands of participants, this one was rather cosy with some 300 participants. As

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